Friday, 27 May 2011

Geek Week

I have a very exciting, but geeky week coming up; not only is my friend Scott coming for a visit from Munich, Yay!! We are all going to the MCM Expo at the ExCel in London, double Yay!!!!

But first I want to review the One Man Star Wars show by Charles Ross I went to see last weekend with Sarah Jane.  In a word it was AWESOME!! We also bumped into these guys in the lobby, they fully appreciated my Star Wars t-shirt so I'm glad I wore it now.  Both Sarah and I thoroughly enjoyed the show and as was written in the the description it was just one man singing all the music, playing all the characters, flying all the ships and fighting all the battles, against himself, it was odd, but it worked really well.  Charlie portrayed the characters brilliantly by taking their characteristic features and acting on these, his robotic C3P0 was brilliant, as was Jabba the Hut's lips with his arms.  At the end of the 60 minute show I had tears down my face from laughing so much.  He then sat down on stage and talked about how the show came about and how he plans to bring the One Man Lord Of The Rings show to Bracknell, I will be at the front of the queue!!

The warm up act was also thoroughly enjoyable; Danny Pensive (real name John Cooper) was hilarious. I loved Danny, he is from Sunderland and a little simple, he sung lots of very funny rhymes; I especially like the one about his goldfish.  He also told stories from his diary about his travels whilst on tour with the show.  I will admit that although I suspected that he was in character on stage, I didn't realise until googling him afterwards.   My favourite joke of the evening was in relation to the operating system Windows, who use the slogan 'Life without Walls', "well why would you need windows if you didn't have any walls?" haha!!!

So back to this weekend and the MCM Expo, this will be my second visit, Sarah and I went in October last year and saw all the sneak previews of the Avatar extended DVD release.  Just for picking up a flyer I also was given an awesome Avatar encyclopedia, unfortunately Sarah didn't pick up a flyer she was a little sad about this.  We also got to see the stars of Warehouse 13, I think I like this show for it's easy watching more than anything.  It's very far fetched and silly but that's what sci-fi is most the time and this show doesn't take itself to seriously.  I also bought lots of manga and a rubik cube necklace that works, it's great and kept me occupied on the trip home.  Sadly I didn't take photos of the day because I forgot my camera, but this time I am fully prepared and plan to take enough to fill my SD card.  You will see why I need to take so many in my later posts, if you have never been to an Expo before you are in for a treat!!

A few other things I have planned are a good old fashioned game night with the boys and we are going to see X-men First Class on Wednesday wahoo!! After seeing Thor a couple of weeks ago, which was awesome (I have always been a more fantasy than sci-fi girl!) I am really looking forward to this, I just love James McAvoy!!