Tuesday, 24 May 2011


This is the new name my friends at work have coined for my regular posts about the blue tits in the garden, in relation to BBC's Springwatch; nothing to do with scantily clad women; just so you know!!  Although it did amuse me when I was told of a very funny conversation between my co-workers Sally and Janet it went something like this:

Sally - Have you seen Sarah's tits??

Janet - tits?

Sally - They are bright pink!!

Janet - WHAT!?!?

I'm also happy to tell you that the babies are doing very well and have just started to grow some fluffy patches, their feathers will be coming through very soon.  Unfortunately the runt of the family has not survived, he/she/it was accidentally pushed out of the nest and Dad had to mount a rescue mission to put it back in again.  But we believe that it got too cold out on its own and perished soon after.

On a lighter note the other babies are brilliant and Old Blue and Lady are doing very well to keep them all fed and clean. They are just starting to open their eyes so will look a little less alien like in a few days.  To watch all the latest videos don't forget to follow us over at youTube.