Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Lots Of Eggs

So our little female blue tit (still without a proper name) has been very busy over the past few days.  In total she has laid 7 eggs, although we think that one of these may have been left over from the previous resident.  She has stopped going out as much and has started going to bed very early so she must be very comfortable with the box and preparing for when the chicks hatch.  Old Blue (the male) is not being the best father in the world and only pops his head in a few times a day to bring her food.  But hopefully he will step up his game because those chicks will need feeding a lot!!

Two years ago we had to help hand rear the chicks after their parents never returned to the nest, they were a few weeks old so already quite strong but still needed round the clock feeding.  Mum and Dad managed to feed and 'toilet' them for a couple of days but in the end took them to the rescue centre to be cared for.  I think the 5am starts and half hourly feeds were a bit too much for them!!  Here's a few memories of that time...

Hope you are enjoying our blue tits, visit YouTube here to watch all the videos or stay tuned here and hopefully we will have baby chicks very soon!!