Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Customised Herb Pots

My first project using the Silhouette printer was to make some customised plant pots to cover the boring plain herb pots we have in the kitchen.  I had looked around for a while for indoor plant pots but they are so expensive!! So instead decided to start from scratch and bought some cheapy (50p) outdoor ceramic plant pots and trays (because outdoor pots have a hole in the bottom) from the garden centre.  For paint I bought a tester pot of wall paint from Homebase which was more than enough and thick enough to cover in a couple of coats.  Note to self: Open paint on a table so you don't spill it all over your favourite new jumper FAIL!  I downloaded a lovely handwritten font from the internet and cut out a template using the Silhouette from adhesive vinyl to stick on the side of the pot.  After painting and drying, the vinyl was peeled off and the end result was better than I could ever imagine, reaffirming my love for the Silhouette.  To finish I dropped in the herb pots and put on a sunny window for them to enjoy.
Update: If you do spill paint over yourself, wash straight away in warm water, I missed a huge patch on my sleeve so it dried, hard! but managed to get it off with acrylic nail varnish remover and a cotton bud, it's very strong so make sure you rinse immediately afterwards so it doesn't stain.  Good as new!!

Saturday, 21 January 2012


This post is a tad too late for last year but I found the best Star Wars Snowflakes on Stumble this week which I have to try out on my new Silhouette printer.  Therefore I'm dedicating this months Stumbled post to Star Wars at Christmas so that next year I can have a spectacularly geeky christmas!!

Star Wars Snowflakes from Anthony Herrera Designs
How amazing are these you can download the cutting patterns from his blog, you'll need a good craft knife.

Snow AT-AT from Mexican Viking
I wish we had enough snow to make one of these!!

Jawa Vegan Cookie-Cupcakes from Just JENN Recipes
These are made using Star Wars cookie cutters I'm definitey going to have to get them!!

Star Wars Ornaments from hearts4ever on Etsy
Lego, Star Wars and Christmas total win!!

Reindeer Darth Vader Christmas Card from Crap Apple Designs on Etsy
and finally the best christmas cards I've seen, hope these are still being printed next year.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

2012 Resolution 3 - Get Out More and Have Fun!

I wouldn't say I have had the worst year, but last year was pretty stressful on a number of occasions; as life is.  So now that Graeme and I have our own flat, have settled in and feel we have grown up (a little bit) I am determined to make the most of it.  We both have lots of hobbies which we want to concentrate on more, we are also highly addicted to a computer game called Skyrim, which has magical powers to make 20 minutes pass in 3 hours.  I would also like to get out a bit more, we don't know Woking very well at all so it will give us the perfect opportunity to get out and explore, although early searches haven't been fruitful.  We checked trip advisor for things to do in Woking, it brought back 3 results, 2 paintball centres and a fluentintution Cook and Talk.  Which does sound quite fun when you read the blurb but isn't really our thing.  I think we will have to spread out search slightly further a field.  The most important part is to have fun though, I really want to make the most of 2012!!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

2012 Resolution 2 - Be Healthier

Or in other words, lose more weight.  Now this is pretty much a standard resolution for every woman, but since joining Slimming World I have managed to lose a stone and a half (21lbs).  And even though I was very naughty over the Christmas period, because of my healthy start I knew when to say no, so only gained 2.5lbs.  I'm now determined to lose that and another stone and a half to reach my target weight, the end is in sight.  I would never have believed that I could do it, but now I have started I am very determined to finish.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

2012 Resolution 1 - Write Shorter Posts

I'm making a belated New Years Resolution List as today I realised I was 17 days into January and had only posted twice.  Some of you might say that's a good start but this time last year I was averaging 10 posts a month so I am a little disappointed.  I think the main cause is my reluctance to publish a post with out any images and if I'm posting my own photographs they have to be improved which means a bit of photoshopping.  The reason for this; like most blog readers I tend to look at the pictures before I read a blog, if the pictures interest me then I'll read, if not I'll scroll on to the next one.  So if I intend to get my readership up a little higher I will need to include a little less fluff and little more wow!!

But for now I must stop worrying about this, if I take more photographs I will get better at it and won't need to improve the end result, thus decreasing the time spent on writing posts.  I have plans to make a little photo studio using a large box, some tracing paper, wallpaper and a couple of light fittings to improve my photographs too; all will be revealed later in the year.

But for the time being I have resolved myself to writing much shorter blog posts and getting to the point quickly so...

Friday, 13 January 2012


I often find with blogging that so much can happen at once that I completely forget about posts I started writing in the past and either never finished or even started (apart from a title).  I have finished all but the pictures and some that I want to write but just can't seem to find the time (this has happened a lot more recently).  I even have posts that are complete but never published because something better has come along.  Well today is one of those days, because I received my first Graze box and was far too excited not to post about it.

My friend from work, Lucy has been getting Graze boxes for some time now and it's always fun to see the new things she gets, so for Christmas she gave me a coupon for Christmas for 2 free boxes and I could not wait to sign up. Graze is a fairly basic concept how many times has someone brought a box of biscuits into work and you just couldn't resist having one, or two.  The same goes for boxes of chocolates, we say to ourselves one tiny Celebration can't hurt but by the end of the day you have a small mountain of wrappers on your desk and have probably eaten the equivalent of 3 chocolate bars.  The Graze box is the healthy alternative and comes filled with nuts, seeds, crackers, breads, dips and the odd chocolate treat or two.  Graze lives by this 80/20 principle, if you are good 80% of the time you can have the odd treat now and again.

There are few things that are great about the Graze box firstly it gets delivered straight to my desk, second on the day I choose and also I like the fact that they choose the packs so it is a complete surprise what you get (you can tell them your likes and dislikes).  I was good and went for the light boxes so won't be sent anything too naughty as each pack is under 150 calories, but each box comes with all the nutritional information so I can easily work out which sets have the highest calorie values.

Today I had Sun Dance which consisted of Mango, Milk Chocolate Sunflower Seeds and Green Raisins and was really yummy.  It was one of my 5 a day and was 134 calories so about 6 syns (for Slimming World attendees), not one of the healthier packs but everyone needs a treat now and then.

It might not be for everyone but after a week I find it keeps me happy when the 3'o'clock hunger pangs hit and gives me something to nibble on.  If you would like to try it out for yourself you can have a free box on me using the code below.  If it's not for you, just cancel the order after your first free box.


Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Post for the New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas break, I certainly did it's a shame I had to come back to work really.  The next couple of months at work will be getting very very busy but at least I don't have an epic commute any more and have a lovely flat to come home to.  Did you all get lots of nice presents?? I got the best present from Graeme, it is something I have been wanting for ages and ages, ever since I started blogging in fact, a Silhouette Cameo.

Isn't it so pretty!! Now for those of you thinking it just looks like a printer, well it is, sort of, but instead of printing a design it cuts.  So I can cut out designs for greetings cards and tags, freezer paper for t-shirt printing, vinyl for decorations, temporary tattoos, stickers, fabric and so much more I can't wait to get started. Here are some fantastic ideas below from the Silhouette website.

Now there are hundreds of reviews out on the interwebs and I don't want to blab too much I'll let you investigate for yourselves of how awesome it is.  Instead I will let the results speak for themselves in my upcoming posts for the new year.  See you all soon.