Thursday, 3 November 2011

Birthday Party Time

Since starting Slimming World (SW) going out for a big dinner party and drinking/clubbing session is a little off the cards.  But fortunately as my friends have also joined SW we were all in the same boat!!  So for my 25th birthday this year I had a good old fashioned girly birthday party with home cooked healthyish food, games and lots of surprises.  I realise this post is over a month late but I'm only just catching up!!
The girls pulled out all the stops, Rachael decorated the flat for me and they all organised party games and treats as well as baking me a weird pancake/omelette cake, more about that later.  I cooked a big SW Curry with home-made Riata Dip and Wholemeal Pita bread.  We had a fantastic time and it felt good to be silly for an evening.  I think the pictures will tell the whole story so here are some of my favourites...
We played pin the fig leaf on the guy which Rachael won and pass the parcel where we all got lots of prizes and I won a barbie it's so awesome!!
Sarah Jane baked us a low fat SW birthday cake, which looked ok although more like an omelette than a cake; there were mixed reactions.
So it's a good thing she also picked up a decorate your own cake kit, which we had lots of fun designing.  It may have been unhealthy but it was worth it!! 
Then we played piñatas, I had made four although only three had prizes, the last had a booby prize which Sarah won.  I think she liked the decorated shower cap much more than the other prizes and Gemma was so jealous she decided to use a piñata as a hat.
Thanks girls, I had a lovely time!!