Monday, 21 November 2011

MCM Expo Autumn 2011

It's Expo time again and for the first time I got to take Graeme so was very excited.  This October's event (or should I say last October, still catching up!!) was even bigger than the Spring (read about it here and here) and so much busier but still just as fun.  One big change the hall had been reversed and an extra Memorabilia room added which disorientated me and Sarah for a bit but we soon got used to it.  I was on a bit of a mission to find some manga I was missing and is now out of print so headed straight for the manga stands with Sarah, Graeme and his friend Ben were determined to buy lots of Magic, it's a card game, don't ask.  Here are our adventures below...

There were a lot of Star Wars characters this time around, and Graeme has great fun meeting them all.
He wore the right top for it too, Tide Fighter...

There were some big names as always I got this sneaky picture of Warwick Davies, have you been watching his new series with Ricky Gervais, Life's too Short.  I just love it, so funny, so cringe worthy, so brilliant!!
I got a photo with Ian McNeice who plays Bert Large in Doc Martin and had come dressed as him.  But then decided to pose as Winston Churchill; it was a tad confusing but nice to meet him.

We bumped into some very colourful characters, I just love the Cookie Monster. The costumes of the Mad Hatter and March Hare were amazing and so detailed.
This troop of characters was great even if I only recognised the Jack Skellington costume from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This really take me back, they had a Robot Wars demonstration stage set up at the back of the memorabilia hall.  My brother, Dad and I loved this show when I was growing up. Oh and a Dalek decided he wanted to join in too.
Everyone had to try out the suit of armour set up on this medieval stand, It's just a shame Sarah and Ben were a little short.  I just love Graeme's expression he looks terrified haha!
Outside there was lots of posing going on, so the perfect photo op to capture as many costumes as possible in one go.  I didn't realise at the time, but seriously what is that guy wearing on the right? Cover yourself up man, well at least I hope it's a man!!

I was also on the hunt to find my Uni house mates Fay from Parfay and Jodie from Tangentine who I knew had a table together in the Comic Corner to sell their own work.  It was great to see them as it has been nearly a year and of course I had to buy their new comics which I read straight away. I love their different styles of artwork, Fay has drawn a short story about young street urchin named Marci.  Jodie had a collection of short stories and some of her artwork, she is an amazing artist, I am definitely going to have to get some of her artwork for when I move out.

I have pinched this photo of them both from Jodie as I was silly not to take one myself. Hope to see you both soon!!

Lastly I treated myself and bought some some artwork from Movie Art  The artist Andrew Timbs recreates scenes from film, tv and theatre using digital vector illustration programs from scratch, none of it is photo manipulation.  I couldn't decide which I liked the best and ended up buying an AT-AT from Star Wars and a huge artwork of the toys from Toy Story all falling out of a box.  They are printed beautifully in high quality and come on foam board so all I need to stick them up is some velcro, so quick and easy.