Monday, 14 November 2011

Paris Road Trip - Part 2

Continuing from the first part of our trip to France, on Sunday we took the RER train into Paris for the day.    We had plotted out a bit of plan the night before of the big attractions we wanted to see, the first being the Arc de Triumphe.  
I was impressed with the arch, I was just impressed by this guys moustache... awesome!

Because we 25 and European citizens we got to go on top of the arch for free, it was just a shame that it was so wet and miserable.  It also didn't give us much hope for climbing the Eiffel Tower as we couldn't even see the top.
By this time our legs had already started to get tired from all the queuing the day before so took the metro underneath the Champs Elysees to the Louvre.  Of course the queue to get in was epic so we decided to take funny pictures in front of it instead.  I will admit I had to do mine several times, I just couldn't get my hand right!!

We ventured over the Seine across a bridge covered in locks, I have since earnt these are love locks and the idea is to write you name and the name of your love on the lock hook it to the bridge and throw the key into the river.  We decided to give it a miss...
 ...but we did stop off in an awesome cafe on the Seine overlooking the Notre Dame and had the best Croque Madame, Cafe Late and Creme Brulee, it really was amazing and also allowed us to catch up with the world as it was the first place we found wireless.  We are such tech geeks.
The Notre Dame was very impressive and we hard an impromptu photography lesson inside to try and get the best photographs as possible and I think we did pretty well, I just love these stain glassed windows.
And once we had figured out correct settings for taking photographs in the dark I think Graeme did a pretty good job, the arches in the cathedral are just amazing.

And the best photo even though it is a bit blurry is of the grand organ, but only because Graeme got told off and sent out for taking a photograph during the service... you disrespect God's home!!

As the evening started to draw in we eventually made it to the Eiffel Tower.  By the time we actually made it to the top it was dark but in a way this made it so much better, the tower looks absolutely amazing all lit up.  We did have a slight scare at the top as it was so windy we were almost blown off our feet and the tower was a little wobbly but Paris at night was very impressive.
This last shot of the Eiffel Tower at night has to one of my favourites from the whole holiday, I just love the bright blue sky against the yellow lights of the Tower, I may have to print this one out for my wall.

We ended the evening in a little restaurant in the Latin district, with wine cocktails and beer, Graeme even bought me a rose.  It was a wonderful end to an amazing holiday, thank you for the memories my love.