Tuesday, 17 January 2012

2012 Resolution 1 - Write Shorter Posts

I'm making a belated New Years Resolution List as today I realised I was 17 days into January and had only posted twice.  Some of you might say that's a good start but this time last year I was averaging 10 posts a month so I am a little disappointed.  I think the main cause is my reluctance to publish a post with out any images and if I'm posting my own photographs they have to be improved which means a bit of photoshopping.  The reason for this; like most blog readers I tend to look at the pictures before I read a blog, if the pictures interest me then I'll read, if not I'll scroll on to the next one.  So if I intend to get my readership up a little higher I will need to include a little less fluff and little more wow!!

But for now I must stop worrying about this, if I take more photographs I will get better at it and won't need to improve the end result, thus decreasing the time spent on writing posts.  I have plans to make a little photo studio using a large box, some tracing paper, wallpaper and a couple of light fittings to improve my photographs too; all will be revealed later in the year.

But for the time being I have resolved myself to writing much shorter blog posts and getting to the point quickly so...