Thursday, 19 January 2012

2012 Resolution 3 - Get Out More and Have Fun!

I wouldn't say I have had the worst year, but last year was pretty stressful on a number of occasions; as life is.  So now that Graeme and I have our own flat, have settled in and feel we have grown up (a little bit) I am determined to make the most of it.  We both have lots of hobbies which we want to concentrate on more, we are also highly addicted to a computer game called Skyrim, which has magical powers to make 20 minutes pass in 3 hours.  I would also like to get out a bit more, we don't know Woking very well at all so it will give us the perfect opportunity to get out and explore, although early searches haven't been fruitful.  We checked trip advisor for things to do in Woking, it brought back 3 results, 2 paintball centres and a fluentintution Cook and Talk.  Which does sound quite fun when you read the blurb but isn't really our thing.  I think we will have to spread out search slightly further a field.  The most important part is to have fun though, I really want to make the most of 2012!!