Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Customised Herb Pots

My first project using the Silhouette printer was to make some customised plant pots to cover the boring plain herb pots we have in the kitchen.  I had looked around for a while for indoor plant pots but they are so expensive!! So instead decided to start from scratch and bought some cheapy (50p) outdoor ceramic plant pots and trays (because outdoor pots have a hole in the bottom) from the garden centre.  For paint I bought a tester pot of wall paint from Homebase which was more than enough and thick enough to cover in a couple of coats.  Note to self: Open paint on a table so you don't spill it all over your favourite new jumper FAIL!  I downloaded a lovely handwritten font from the internet and cut out a template using the Silhouette from adhesive vinyl to stick on the side of the pot.  After painting and drying, the vinyl was peeled off and the end result was better than I could ever imagine, reaffirming my love for the Silhouette.  To finish I dropped in the herb pots and put on a sunny window for them to enjoy.
Update: If you do spill paint over yourself, wash straight away in warm water, I missed a huge patch on my sleeve so it dried, hard! but managed to get it off with acrylic nail varnish remover and a cotton bud, it's very strong so make sure you rinse immediately afterwards so it doesn't stain.  Good as new!!