Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Little Lego Men... and Women

Over the past year I have rekindled my love for Lego.  It started when I found some beautiful pieces of jewellery made out of lego here and here.  I was hooked and it wasn't just for jewellery it was anything Lego.  Fortunately I have a very understanding partner who also has a passion for Lego, so at least I am not alone.  Even better at the weekend he bought me a couple of little men for my collection, a Bandit and a Minotaur.  These characters both come from the Series 6 Minifigure set.  Each Minfigure collection is made up of 16 individual characters and the aim of the game is to find them all!!
I started collecting these characters a while ago so I have quite a few.  They don't make it easy to find them all, as the packets are sealed so you can't tell which is inside.  I recall Graeme and I once spent an hour in Tesco Direct hunting through about 3 boxes trying to figure out which characters were in the packets.  This may have become a bit of an obsession but I love how my collection is growing and slowly taking over the flat, I can't wait to get more!!

With the aim to get a little more organised I've added a Lego button to my side bar and hope to make Lego a regular feature on my blog.  I know there are a lot of closest Lego fans out there, so I'm spreading the word that Lego is back in fashion!!