Monday, 13 December 2010

Flower Accessories

I love accessories!! Jewellery, Hair clips, bag charms, brooches love them all!!  My biggest problem is I buy them, then forget to wear them. So recently I have been making a big effort to accesorise, even if I'm just going to work.  I have loads of scraps left over from my ear warmers so I decided that instead of putting it in a drawer and saving it for something I might make in the future to use it now and make lots more flowers to use as brooches, head bands and clips.

Using the left over buttons I started by making the simple flower that I used on my ear warmers, but these are not exciting enough for a jacket or as a hair clip so I have jazzed them up with embroidery and beads (both which I have in abundance, must stop buying things!!).

I love these, they were so quick to make and I can colour them to match my outfit.  I raided my dad's garage and found some badge pins to sew on the back.  Now these can be used as a brooch, a hair clip if you thread  the pin through the clip or it can be pinned to a hair band.  A couple of weeks ago whilst shopping with a friend I came across this flower hair piece and brooch on sale in Miss Selfridge's.  It looks so easy to make I may have to make some more!!

I have found lots of other tutorials to make fabric flowers which I must try out, these are some of my favourites:

1: Pom Pom Flower Headband by Diary of A Preppy Mom
2: Jersey Knit Flowers by A Little Lovely
3: Fabric Flowers by Mad Mim
4: Flower Pins by Make It Do
5: Ribbon Flower Tutorial by Bustle at Etsy