Thursday, 30 December 2010

Back to work...

This year I wanted to take quite a bit of time off over Christmas, mainly to spend with Graeme whilst he is back from uni, I've missed him so much and it's brilliant to be able to spend so much time together.  I'm counting down the month till his graduation!!  I also managed to sort out my leave so that I only had to work 2 days of each of the 3 weeks over Christmas and New Years so it feels like ages since I have worked which is a very good thing.

On to the presents... I got the best surprise ever!! My parents got me a new phone, and the one I really wanted the HTC Desire Z, it's so pretty!! I have been playing with it continuously since Christmas, it is completely customisable like my last phone so I have set up my desktops the same as before (it's nice that I don't have to change everything) but it also has so much more... 

I had an android phone before but it was very temperamental and decided that it didn't like 3G or the marketplace so it's fantastic to use a phone that works perfectly.  I know its sad but the first thing I downloaded was angry birds (love that game!!), I also really wanted to try out the Amazon kindle app which is surprisingly easy to use, I downloaded a multitude of free books from Amazon, I'm part way through Alice in Wonderland as we speak.  One feature I loved of my old phone was the side slide qwerty keyboard which was the biggest reason why I had my eye on this phone.  Instead of sliding it sort of lifts and drops into place but it does feel a lot sturdier than it looks, it also means I have use of the whole screen when typing. The only problem is I keep mistyping, as the keys are arranged a little differently so I apologise if anyone gets half finished texts from me.  

My other presents included a couple of beautiful scarves, a gorgeous twisted gold and white gold diamond necklace with from Graeme, Christmas tree earrings, lots of books including the first 4 from the Guardians of Ga'hoole series (I loved the film, in 3D it was absolutely amazing, but I am a bit partial to animated films) and Toy Story 3 yay!!  Like last year Dad and I bought the same present for each other, this year it was an AddictABall, we did get different sizes so it wasn't that bad.  They are addictive and ridiculously hard, I have only completed the first section of the small ball, i'll be here till next Christmas at this rate...
Mum got the Lego Harry Potter board game for Chris and I which was also awesome, and great fun to make and play, which we did all afternoon.  I love Lego!!
So all in all it was a pretty fantastic Christmas, I hope you all had a brilliant time too.

Lastly, for those of you who want to know, I made personalised headbands as Christmas Eve Surprises for the girls, which suited them both very well; although Graeme said it looked as though we had ears hehe.

Oh and Scott and Graeme had to try them on too hehe, very fetching!!