Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Gift 2: Sparkly Sequin Earrings

As many will know I have a love of anything sparkly, I do very often get side tracked in shops if I see something glittering.  I also have a love of dangly earrings, my collection grows bigger every week, but unfortunately it is an expensive hobby!! So when I spotted dangly sparkly sequin earrings in Tescos I couldn't resist, although the price tag of £8 seemed very unreasonable for what they were.  I knew I had all the materials at home so I decided to make my own.

On my first attempt I ended up making all the jump rings myself which took forever , they were all different sizes and shapes, but they were a labour of love and it looked awesome!! Until, I accidentally left them in my bag, all the sequins got scuffed and lost their sparkle, I did the same with a sequin necklace too. Note to Self: Never leave sequins in a pocket or bag always hang up after use!!

For my Birthday my lovely friend Gemma bought me a voucher for Hobby Craft, so I decided to start again and bought jump rings (it will save so much time!!), beads and earring hooks in gold and silver.  The best thing about this is I know most of my friends and family wear silver so the gold is all for me yay!! I have a huge bag of sequins which I bought when I was about 12 and still haven't run out, but these were from a table confetti pack.  I loved the combination of colours; turquoise, lime green and opaque yellow (the pictures really don't do them justice, I will take some more when it gets sunnier).  They only cost a pound and I had loads left over so will have to think of something else to do with them.

Now for party time, these are the perfect accessory to glitz up any look!!


  1. Fantastic photos, the earrings look really lovely :D

  2. Woooo I'm famous! I love thoes earrings and think they are more than a perfect match to the hideously priced ones you find in shops. Looking good Sarah!

  3. Thanks Guys, these are the favourite things I have made so far!!

  4. Very nice, I like the colours, and the shape of the drop loop, although the sequins are still slightly offputting. Gives me flashbacks of dancing. But these will look lovely on you.

  5. Lol thanks Sarah, well if you want some I shall remember to use beads instead of sequins!!