Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sparkly Sequin Earrings Tutorial

I love making earrings and as I have read so many different tutorials to get my inspiration, I thought it only fair to share one of my designs.  I recently blogged about some sparkly sequin earrings that I am making for Christmas, so here's how it's done...

1: Start by gathering everything you need:
0.8mm Wire
Round Nosed Pliers
Flat or Chain Nosed Pliers
0.4mm Wire
Earring Hooks
Jump Rings

You can make the jump rings and earring hooks yourself but I choose to buy them as I am making quite a few.

2: Lay out the design with the jump rings and beads.  I am making a downward pointing triangle so each dangle increases by 1 jump ring up to 5 then back to 1.

3: Using the cutters cut the 0.8mm wire to about 10cm; it can be longer or shorter depending on how low you want the earrings to hang.  Shape the wire into a horseshoe and make a loop in one end using the round nosed pliers.

4: Because the jump rings I am using are larger than the beads, I made mini jump rings using the 0.4mm wire and the round nosed pliers, so the beads would stay in place.  If using smaller jump rings or larger beads this step can be missed out.

5: Using 2 sets of pliers prise open the jump rings, thread on a sequin or two and the mini jump ring to complete the first dangle.

6: Start again on the next dangle this time using 2 jump rings and a mini, keep going until all the dangles are complete.

7: Thread a bead onto the wire, then the dangle, then another bead.

8: Continue in this pattern until you have threaded all the dangles and beads onto the wire.

9: Using the round nosed pliers, make a loop at the other end of the wire at 90 degrees to the first.  Open this loop and thread it onto the wire underneath the first.

10: Attach an earring hook to the first loop and voilĂ  a masterpiece!!

These are for a special friend of mine, I really hope she likes them.  If you want to link to this tutorial or try it yourself don't forget to comment and let me know how you get on!!