Sunday, 5 December 2010

Three Little Ducks

A couple of months ago my Granny gave a bunch of Lavender from her garden so I decided to make some lavender bags.  I didn't want to make the traditional square or tied bag so I browsed the internet for ideas, (browsing is one of my favourite hobbies!) I found quite a few bags shaped as animals so I had of course my first project had to be a stuffed duck.

I found some gorgeous Amy Butler fabrics in John Lewis, but as it was expensive I didn't want to waste it, so used some cheap black fabric to practice with.  My first duck made out of 3 pieces was a traditional rubber duck shape, it is fat and has a very thin neck which flops over to one side even though I stuffed it full of rice to try and pack it out (I didn't want to waste the lavender), he had to be named Fail Duck.  The second is more stylised, I got rid of the beak and neck and made it out of 4 pieces with a felt beak, although this made the design very square.  I am only just getting used to my mums sewing machine again so I sewed right to the edges of the fabric, BIG mistake, he is huge and wonky, he is named Fat Duck.

So the third duck is much smaller I made the edge pieces curved to give the design more shape and I added some webbed feet as Mum kept saying it looked like a bird (I realise a duck is a bird but you know what I mean!).  As it looked so awesome I decided to replace the rice stuffing with a rice and lavender mix so it still had some weight but smells fragrant, very fragrant!! I might not need so much lavender next time, he is named Stuffed Duck.

As I am doing a million and one things at once I shall continue my stuffed adventure in the new year, but right now I have the mammoth task of making all my friends Christmas presents.  I hope I have enough time to get everything finished, It's already 5 days into December and so far I have nothing except the ideas, better get started.  Although I have tonight off as I'm going to see my friends band Ghost in the Static play their first gig after getting back together, to the Cellar Bar Wahoo!!