Thursday, 2 June 2011

MCM Expo Spring 2011 - part 1

Sarah, Scott and I decided to go to the MCM about two weeks ago so had no time to plan costumes (I would have wimped out anyway I know!!) But we wanted to add a bit of geekyness to our attire so Sarah and I decided to design some freezer paper t-shirts.  Our first idea was 'Titwatch' t-shirts to advertise my blog, but I just knew cutting out all the letters with a craft knife would have taken ages and we were making them the night before.  So instead we went for Lego Storm Troopers from the same design I used for Graeme's painting.  To add a bit of mixture we made Scott a Lego Darth Vader which turned out amazing thanks to Rachael's painting skills, thanks for the help!!

This is my second time at the MCM Expo and one thing I have realised is that Sarah an I are not as big geeks that we sometimes think we are.  I didn't recognise half of the cosplay costumes and had to keep asking Sarah who they were; even Sarah didn't recognise some though so if you spot one I haven't labelled correctly let me know!! 

I have know idea who this first group were, but I liked them!

This wasn't a cosplay it was a model from the set of Doctor Who, it's of the Tardis and the Dalek's creator Davros.

I knew who this guy was and even managed to ask for a picture.  This is from a manga and anime series called Inuyasha.  I'm proud to say that I have watched all 182 episodes and bought loads of the manga, this may be a series I have to revisit again!!

Oh I and I know these character too, Mario and Luigi.

This group of steam punk characters we didn't recognise, but the guy on the right had the best costume.  When I first saw him I really did believe that it was two people, one carrying the other in a trash bin, but no, this is one costume, awesome!!

One thing I love about MCM is how random it can be, this was a conga line we spotted making its way around the building.  And yes that is Pedobear with the Jolly Green Giant at the front, just amazing!!

Kick Ass!!

A couple of Na'vi.

As this post is starting to get epically long, i'll carry on tomorrow, but lastly Where's Wally??