Friday, 3 June 2011

MCM Expo Spring 2011 - part 2

...continuing from yesterday here are some more awesome cosplayers we spotted at the MCM Expo.

How amazing is this Alien costume, everyone wanted their picture with him, we all felt bad for the army guy with him as the Alien was getting all the attention.

I thought it amusing he had a collar on, I thought nothing could keep the Alien leashed!!

These two characters are from another anime and manga series I have read, watched and loved called Chobits.  The girl in white is Chi, the other is Freya.

Lara Croft and a huge gun!!

Sarah's favourite snack, Pocky!!

I bought quite a bit at the show, including the rest of Scott Pilgrim series, the graphic novel of Pride and Prejudice (I'm very into Jane Austen at the moment, just finished the book).  The craft your own Star Wars book, which is for children but when has that ever stopped me!! I also bought a new manga called Dragon Heir by a group of English writers from Sweatdrop Studios.  I bought Telling Tales last year which was great so had to get another this year.

Scott also decided to buy a little purchase for his brother, I have been informed that this is the Gunblade from Final Fantasy VII.  We had to make sure it was 'ok' so had a play outside!!

Scott looking menacing(ish).

Sarah a little gay.

Me stroking the sword.

Some other cosplayers decided to join in!!

Outside were just as many cosplayers as inside, just love this Power Ranger, just standing watching proceedings.

These guys are from Final Fantasy I think??

Godzilla, talking to two halves of a Unicorn.

We also spotted an interesting game of skipping.  Where else would you find Kick Ass, the Jolly Green Giant, Picachu, Alice in Wonderland and Naruto skipping together, it was a great sight to see.

To finish the day we decided to get ice creams, yum!!

I also decided to pose at the riverside, it was really windy!! Ok so maybe I am persuaded to dress up next time.

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