Monday, 3 January 2011

Lego Lego Lego

I love Lego, and recently I have had a renewed enthusiasm to play with it.  So this is my new section in the blog dedicated to Lego; I know it's not amazingly crafty but I have seen many creations made from Lego and of Lego on the web and I want to share my discoveries!!

Back in the Summer Graeme and I visited a pub in Nottingham called The Crusader which had the best large canvas artwork of Lego knights.  It was printed in different shade of grey with a hint of  red and yellow so it didn't look childish or gimicy and would have been perfect for my geek chic living room (I don't actually own a house yet but I have dreams!!) So ever since then I have been searching for Lego artwork and items to fill my imaginary house.  Unfortunately I am still yet to find the knight canvas so if you spot anything like it please let me know!! I may have to revisit the pub and ask them where they got it...

One of my favourite Lego themes is of course Star Wars, and a friend of mine reminded me of an awesome Empire Strikes Back Lego Chess set I had seen on the interwebs by Brandon Griffith.

There is even a campaign to get Lego to make it into a real set to buy, which would be awesome!!  I actually found this set to buy on Etsy, but at a little over £1700 I don't think I can afford it any time soon.  It is definitely going on my wish list though!! 

Failing that I will have to make one myself, although I think that could be pretty pricey too as the average Star Wars kit is around £50. Check out more photos of this set on flickr, and the chess board for  A New Hope.

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