Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bag Handle Necklace

I have decided I should do more reusing and recycling in my crafting endeavours and recently I had the perfect opportunity.  I was rooting around my room and found some old cardboard bags with fabric cord handles, I knew I had to make something creative with them and decided on a necklace.

I'm kicking myself for not showing a before and after but this was so quick and easy to make I will probably make more.  I have some more ideas to make a bracelet and ring in the same style so watch this space.  I want to buy some grey fabric to finish this piece off with one of my fabric flowers.  Although I should probably try raiding my wardrobes first as this is supposed to be a recycled necklace.

Oh and if any of you get a bag with a cord handle let me know, it might just become my new signature piece!!