Saturday, 30 April 2011

Tidy Time

Underneath my desk I have some drawes which I keep all my crafty bits in.  All my beads are kept in an old plastic container from an Indian takeaway, which a while ago I managed to drop everywhere, clever me!! I collected up all the beads and just put the loose in the drawes but they have now stayed this way for several weeks and I'm finding it increasingly uncomfortable when sitting at my desk as I cannot fit my legs underneath.

So while I was out shopping for crafty bits for my Mum's fascinator I decided to purchase some extra storage, I was just going to get a single tray, but at Hobbycraft I found these awesome Really Useful Boxes which have loads of removable trays to keeps all my bits and bobs in and of course I chose purple!!

Look how pretty all my beads and bits are now and so much tidier than before.

I also found the deal of the century at my local market.  At the back of the fabric stall was a rummage bin with lots of off cuts and right at the bottom a load of ex-samples by John Kaldor priced up at 30p each.  I couldn't believe it a fat quarter like this would normally cost £3-£4 and all of this together cost me £1.80, I can't wait to make lots of flowers with these and I will definitely be rummaging around at the back of the fabric stall again!!