Sunday, 24 April 2011

A Royal Fascinator

My Mum is a teaching assistant at my old primary school, the children are celebrating the Royal wedding by making and decorating their own hats.  All the teachers are joining in too by wearing big hats on the day, but Mum wanted to do something a little different so she has commissioned me to make a fascinator for her.  At first I was just going to use fabric and scraps of what I had, but after a few mock ups mum decided that she wanted it to be much bigger and more colourful, so I headed down to my local market to source some supplies.

I took inspiration from my Fascinator pin board on Pinterest and decided to try and make a big looped bow out of ribbon with a small veil and some feathers.  This didn't work out quite as I would have liked as the ribbon wouldn't stand up on it's own, I tried finding fabric starch but in the end resorted to threading black wire along the edges of the ribbon so I could shape it.  As I was in a bit of a rush I didn't do this very well and as I am a complete perfectionist decided not to glue anything down so I can take it apart and redo it when I have some more time.

To brighten it up an used some plum coloured feathers and made a small veil in the same colour, I added a few fabric flowers in a multitude of styles to finish it all off and am pretty pleased with the end result.

I hope this big and bold enough for her, I really like the black stripy ribbon, it looks very My Fair Lady, although Eliza's is still a little larger!!

As always I bought a lot more than I needed so I plan to perfect my technique a bit and come up with some different designs.  I may even make a tutorial or two so everyone can make their own fascinators for the summer; although I may look a bit funny wearing this to my local park, Royal Ascot anyone??

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