Friday, 29 April 2011

Scrabble time!!

Just like most the country and the rest of the world in fact, I spent the morning watching the Royal Wedding.  It was very tastefully done and I did enjoy it,  Kate (or should I say Catherine) looked absolutely beautiful the dress was stunning and it's good to see the country come together and celebrate.  Although I'm very glad I stayed at home to watch it on the TV, I don't really think getting up at 8am to travel to London or even camping out overnight would really have been worth the small glimpse you would have got of the procession.  One thing I didn't necessarily enjoy was some of my friends berating the whole thing on Facebook, I couldn't help but think if you don't like it don't watch it!!

Onto more important things though, last night I challenged Graeme to an intense game of Scrabble.  One, we didn't read the rules and two, I can't spell (sorry G!) but I still insist I won.  I would have totally won if only there had been somewhere to place ZEBRA I was holding onto it for at least 6 turns, it was so unfair.

Graeme had been holding onto the word CHOUX pronounced 'shoe' which I have been told is a type of pastry.  I looked it up and realised it's used to make profiteroles and √©clairs, gah now I'm just hungry, I may have to try making some!!