Thursday, 7 April 2011

Ideal Home Show

I love the Ideal Home Show, I have been going with my parents for as long as I remember, since finishing Uni it has become an annual trip for dad and I and this year didn't disappoint.  I think my favourite part of the show has to be the Ideal Food so we hit that section first and sampled as many foods as possible, including Wild Boar and Apple sausages from Supreme Sausages they were so yummy.  There was also so much cheese this year and I love cheese so we tried quite a bit, in the end we bought some extra mature Little Black Bomber and herby Green Thunder from the Snowdonia Cheese Company they are great with crackers!!

The best stand is always Vitamix I know it's not a food but they always demonstrate all the types of food you can make with this blender, you will be amazed!!  In the same machine with no different settings, you can make soup, smoothies and ice cream along with about a million other things.  It it wasn't so ridiculously expensive I would have bought one years ago, but we did pinch the recipe for ice cream and made it in our smoothie maker, it was awesome I will share the secret later in the month.

In Ideal Woman I picked up my favourite mineral powder from Beauty Glow which can be used as a blusher, eye shadow and bronzer when mixed with a moisturiser.  It also suits any facial colour which is great because I normal find bronzers far to dark for my ghostly white complexion.  We also spotted a Garra Fish stand where you could have a 10minute feet treatment session.  I'm actually going to Camden with my work friends to get this done next week but it was good to take some pictures.  One woman was absolutely terrified of putting her feet in but the fish were hardly going to bite her toes off they are tiny.

Downstairs we headed towards Ideal Gadgets and came across a very stylish stand selling classy and retro game tables.  I loved this side table with a built in Screen and joystick to play all your retro games, Space invaders was awesome although I completely sucked at it.  What I want most of all is this coffee table along the same idea, how much would Graeme love me if I bought this for our living room!!

Ok so I couldn't figure out how to work it, but you get the idea!!

Passing some sheep on a staircase (I'm not sure what this was trying to demonstrate?) we found our way to the Dyson stand.  They had their new super cool blade-less fans, but Dad spoilt the illusion and told me they still have a bog standard fan in the neck that just blows air into the circle rim.  The reason the make them a circle is because people expect fans to be circular, which I suppose is true.

At Ideal Interiors I spotted a stand devoted to designer wallpaper called Wallpaper Direct, they had such wonderful designs, some were a bit too weird but others looked so pretty and would really stand out as a feature wall.  I just love these birds in Quentin Blake style and of course the peacock feathers which I blogged about last week. I quite like the idea of having a forest wall and I love these sunflowers so bright and sunny!!

I also spotted an embroidery stand by King's Embroidery Inc, these pictures looked so realistic I actually thought they were paintings at first.  It's incredible how fine the thread is and ho it must take thousands of stitches to build up the image, it must take hours to complete.

In Ideal Show Homes was a fluorescent jazz band and a recreation of the pub from Coronation Street.  I don't really watch the program but I couldn't miss out on the photo opptunity; although the queue was huge so we didn't wait to look inside.

Lastly we headed back up to Ideal Food to pick up a snack before we headed home. We bought a huge banoffee ice cream and a Nutella and banana crepe.  I made a bit of a mess with this, but I was so hungry, and  this crepe was amazing!! (I do have a picture of me devouring it, but it's so dreadful I'm not going to share it!!)

On the way out we spotted a table of wedding cakes designed for the royal wedding.  The first place winner looked so realistic that dad actually thought it was draped in material and had to sneakily touch it before he believed it was all made of icing.

There was also this monstrosity, what happened to her arm? This has to be the cheesiest cake ever, would you really have this as your wedding cake?

I forgot to include the cute cup cakes I bought for Gemma and Nathan to congratulate them on their new home, yummy yummy!!!