Saturday, 22 January 2011

Lemon Lamps

Just before Christmas I went up to visit my University friends for our annual Fake Christmas meal.  Unfortunately we didn't manage one last year because everyone seemed to be at other ends of the country so it was great to get together and see everyone, I miss them all, it's weird living and working with the same people for 3 years and then we just left and returned to "normal" life.  I persuaded Dad to come up to London with me and we went to Camden market to find some extra presents.  It was AMAZING!! So colourful and lively and so many stalls with handmade goodies I was in heaven.

My favourite find of the day were some very colourful lamps by elementry and when we looked closer we discovered that you have to make them yourself from lots of pieces of the coloured plastic which interlock with each other.  I couldn't resist and Dad bought me a lemon lamp and some other colours as a Christmas present.

It seemed so easy watching the woman on the stall putting them together but when I opened them on Christmas day it was a different matter.  Try as I might I could not makes heads of tails of the lemon design, I would get to about half way then just couldn't get any further.  Below is what the lemon lamp should look like!!

So I decided to give up and go back to basics and start with a smaller and hopefully easier design.  I made this Pink and Red squashed sphere which looks amazing when lit, although I do feel as though I have entered the Red Light District.  This on can only be used for special occasions!!

Graeme used some of the lemon yellow pieces to make a sphere which also looks very pretty and makes the room feel very sunny.  Although I think we will need to make it a little larger as although I'm using a tiny electric bulb it started to get quite hot and I didn't want to melt the plastic.

I will definitely have another go at the lemon, but maybe I will just make it up in the middle lol!!

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