Sunday, 30 January 2011

Away for a Week!!

Once again I have fallen behind in my blog, but you can't blame me, I came down with a bad case of tonsillitis which was not fun at all!  Also Graeme had to back to university which is very upsetting, but I am counting down the days now until he is back for good!! It felt like a complete waste of a week and weekend (that's 2 in a row ruined now!). I would have thought being at home would give me lots of time to craft but for 75% of the day I was sleeping and the rest I just didn't have the energy!!  It was only fortunate that I had already taken the photos and drafted my last piece that I managed to post at all last week.  Oh well no point in dwelling on the past better look forward to the next week, and actually try and complete some of the projects I started over the last few months (some things which I was supposed to finish for Christmas but never got around to it!!).


Progress: Cut out shapes from felt. 
I had to go and buy more buttons and fabric to make the flower decorations, and I know I probably could have made use of what I have already but wanted to get something new.  With such a busy Christmas I have only just recently managed to get to the market (which is only open on Fridays and Saturdays) to get all the pieces I need.  So my friends and family will just have to wait a little longer for their presents, it's the thought counts right??

Progress: De-canvased the wooden frames.  
The staples were almost impossible to get out and even with pliers took ages. I'm ashamed to admit it but I did this whilst I was still ill and later that night I thought my illness had got worse and I was developing a rash all over my hands it wasn't until the next day I realised it was just blisters from the pliers whoops lol!  They really are quite sore!!

Progress: Currently learning to knit.
Before letting myself loose on the posh expensive wool I decided it would be a good idea to actually learn how to knit so took some wool I had left over from a previous project and just started knitting.  I soon realised its a little more complicated than I thought, but my Mum was really helpful and I managed to do a sample piece learning the different stitches.  There are a few dropped stitches and holes and some how I gained 3 extra by the end but for a first attempt after years I think I did pretty well, and it was really all I had energy for this week.

So I'm plodding along at a slow rate, but I have hundreds of new ideas from my new favourite website pinterest.  Which is a fabulous virtual pinboard where you can post collections of things you love from all over the web.  It is the best place to find new blogs that have similar interests to you and is just a fountain of new ideas!!  I have added my name to the waiting list as they are still testing in beta, I hope to get a login soon and start making my own collections!!

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