Sunday, 9 January 2011

Recycled Earrings

Over the years my collection of beads, sequins and trinkets has grown quite large, and every time I break a piece of jewellery I can't bare to throw it away and instead it goes straight into my craft box.  So I have eventually decided to do something with my growing collection.  My inspiration for these has mostly came from other earrings I own and designs I have seen on the interewebs (Etsy is the best resource!).

This first pair was made from a pair of yellow and silver earrings I had.  I replaced the silver wires and beads with gold which now makes them a lot warmer and brighter.

I bought these blue sparkly gemstones from Hobby Craft but didn't know what to do with them, I found an excellent wire wrapped design on Etsy and used smaller multicoloured beads with gold wire, they look very elegant for a night out.

I liked the design a lot so made another pair from a beaded bracelet I purchased at a Charity shop.  The light green goes perfectly with quite a few dresses I own.  I am quite partial to green!!

The butterfly design was a bit of trial and error, I saw the initial outline of the butterfly split into two halfs on Etsy but thought I should embellish it a bit with swirls and multicoloured beads.  My only criticism is that I should have made this with thicker wire, as it is really easy to squash out of shape.

I bought earrings just like this from Matalan; the evening I wore them I lost one of the beads off then end, what a waste of a fiver.  I made these with beads I already had in my craft box so completely free, a lot more secure and still very stylish.

These two I made from left over sequins and beads.  The silver pair worked brilliantly, but I used much too thin a wire on the green pair the keep mis-shaping.  The best thing about making your own jewellery if you don't like it you can start all over again.

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