Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Inspiration Board 1 - Rag Rugs

I was very lucky to go to a Primary School where all the teachers and TA's loved crafting, I learnt an awful lot and have kept going ever since.  I was recently talking to my Mum, who works as a TA at my old Primary School, about one such craft - creating Rag Rugs.  I don't really remember the finished product, but I definitely remember making them the rugs, tearing/cutting up fabric scraps and threading it through a large piece of hessian.

There are two types of rag rug, the first which I will talk about today uses fabric scraps are knotted, crocheted or plaited together to create a flat surfaced rug.  Most are round or oval as this is an easy shape to make, but some make use of a mesh which can be worked into.  One common technique is to use a hooked needle to push and pull the fabric through the mesh, just like in picture 6 below.

I found these examples below on Pinterest but where possible I have linked them directly.  I have collected a much larger selection on my Rag Rug Pinboard, these are some of my favourites:

1 - I love this plaited Sun Burst Rug the graduation of colours is amazing from Etsy.
2 - A very Colourful Rug with frilled edges from Urban Outfitters.
3 - These Rag Baskets are fantastic, get the pattern from Clotilde.
4 - This Snowdrift Rug makes use of different fabrics, just beautiful.
5 - I like how they have used white to break up the colour in this Plaited Rug.
6 - This Blue Square Rug was made with t-shirts and denim.
7 - Couldn't resist this Purple Rug also from Urban Outftters.
8 - The colour combination of this Gingham Rug is fantastic.
9 - Rag Rug Pillows from East Meets West Antiques.

I'll be back tomorrow with some different techniques to make rag rugs so stay tuned.


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