Monday, 6 June 2011

Titwatch - Goodbye

This will be the last Titwatch post as when we woke at the weekend the babies had already started to leave the nest.  Dad noticed a lot of hussle and bussle about outside both Lady and Old Blue were sitting on the washing line outside the nest box chirping away.  He took this last video of all 5 chicks together having their morning feed.

When I came down to breakfast 2 of the babies had already left and I rushed to turn the camera on to catch the remaining 3's last moments in the box.  As you can see they are flying as best they can inside the box even coming right up to the camera.  I literally just caught the tail end of the 3rd chick leaving the nest.

The last 2 were a bit more hesitant, one kept flying to the hole and then got too nervous and go back into the box. They seemed quite happy to stay where they were and be fed more by Lady and Old Blue and play with each other in the box.  Just as this clip ends did the number 4 leave the nest.

And then there was one, this baby is a little smaller than the others but finally got the courage to leave.  All of them roosted in a tree at the bottom of the garden over night and I'm sure we heard them chirping away the morning after.  I'm sad to see them go but hopefully they will be visiting us again next year.

Thank you all for following I hope you enjoyed it.  If you would like to see some extra footage check out our youtube page.  Or revisit my whole series of posts by clicking on the Titwatch image below.