Saturday, 4 February 2012


Today was the first day I have been on Pinterest in a while.  I had to wean myself off it as I was getting far too addicted and spending (wasting) far to much time on it.  It seems as though everyone is in full swing for Valentines day so here are some ideas I have been pinning lately. My mind seems to have been on food a lot recently, the one problem with being on a diet, so these are my favourite Valentine food ideas.

Eggs in Toast from Say Yes To Hoboken
All you need is a heart shaped cutter so simple!

Heart Bacon from The Paper Mama
There can not possibly be a simpler way to man's heart than bacon, well maybe cookies...

Hearty Ravioli from Vegalicious Recipes
Another way to give a basic meal a valentine's twist.

Roast Heart Potatos from Haniela's Food & Photography
Now I can't be the only person who saw these and straight away bought a heart shaped cookie cutter, can I?

Hidden Heart Cake from i am baker
I love every cake on this blog but this one is quite fantastic!

Heart Cinnamon Rolls from cake & allie
I was gutted when Cinnabon closed down at Legoland, those rolls were just too good!! At least I can learn to make my own now.