Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Cheesecake Factory

Now I love cosplay, I really admire the people who go all out and dress up as their favourite characters from television, books, games and film.  My friend Sarah Jane and I have intended for last couple of years to dress up for the MCM Expo in London but either I don't have the nerve or we run out of time to come up with anything.  We did make awesome Lego Star Wars t-shirts last year but this year we decided to go one step further and actually dress up.  Now we haven't gone crazy but I'm really excited about our idea as I have been wanting to do it for a while.  We are going as cheesecake factory waitress' from The Big Bang Theory.

We are currently preparing everything we need to get; it is surprisingly hard to find a mustard V-neck sweater vest so if any of you see one on your travels please let us know.  We also have a little extra surprise along with the basic costume, which I am so excited about and have already started making so watch this space.

Do you think we can convince the boys to dress as Howard, Leonard and Sheldon??