Saturday, 18 February 2012


For this month's Stumbled I have been trawling through some of my older favourite stumbles, a lot of them seemed to be about illusions so here are my top 5 of the past year.  Some are natural, others hand made and some are just a bit of fun!!  Hope you enjoy.

Heaven on Earth from Daily Random Facts
These salt flats in Bolivia are covered in a thin film of water during the rainy season, which creates the world's largest mirror and the illusion of walking in the air.

Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee from Colossal
These books are beyond belief, the landscapes are so relistic and detailed, isn't it amazing what you can do with your old books!

Tree Line by Zander Olsen from Illusion
I'm not sure why these images appeal to me so much but I love how the artist brings the background landscape into the foreground just by creating a continuous line.  I remember studying similar styles in my A level Photography so it brings back the memories.

3D Goldfish by Riusuke Fukahori from Colossal
These goldfish are not real, can you believe it?? They have been carefully painted onto layers of resin to build up the shape of the 3D fish, perfect from any angle.  They absolutely unbelievable!

Ski Jump Bathroom from Coloribus
Yet another great idea from Japan. These toilets were decorated to promote a new coffee, I don't get the link, but what an exciting way to go to the toilet.