Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Practical Valentine

This is what I got Graeme for Valentine's Day, yes you are correct that is a saucepan stuffed with marshmallows, pink&whites and pink wafers yum!! I thought I should be practical this year as our budget is quite tight and last week the handle fell off our current sauce pan so this was an excellent excuse to get a new one.  The sweet treats were pink, for Valentine's, and also fat free so slightly healthier than a box of chocolates!!

A friend shared these awesome Skyrim valentine's cards from Jemma Salume at Oxboxer which are just  fantastic.  I understand they make no sense if you don't play Skyrim but they are pretty funny if you do and I know Graeme will love it so that is what is important.  This is the one I chose for Graeme:

Here are some other greats!!