Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Stocking Shoes

I, like most girls, have a bit of a shoe addiction.  But recently I have shied away from towering heals for fear of falling out of them.  It stems from a very drunken night out in Reading wearing very high sparkly gold shoes and literally hanging on to my friend Scott's arm the whole evening as I was far too wobbly.  It didn't help the shoes were a bit too big for me, ever since I just cant pluck up the courage to wear them, or any other strapless high heel on a night out.

I had the idea a while ago to some how attach a strap to the shoes made form ribbon or elastic to actually hold the shoes to my feet.  But for fear of it looking stupidly tacky I didn't attempt it and my high heels have been put to the pack of the cupboard for safe keeping.

That is until I cam across this blog from P.S. I made this... with a fantastic idea to make shoe straps from a pair of tights and they look awesome!!

I don't have any neutral coloured shoes but I can imagine this working really well with my black heels and black tights. All I need do now is hunt down some sparkly gold ones...