Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Interested in Pinterest?

I finally got my invite to try out Pinterest at the weekend, I am so excited!!

The aim of the website is to create pin boards of everything or anything you find interesting around the interwebs.  You get a handy short cut which you add to your bookmark bar called 'Pin It' and when you find a picture/blog/website you like, you click the link to add the image to one of your boards.  This is such an brilliant way of gathering ideas into one place that you can share with your friends.

I have added a link to my main page to my side bar so go check it out yourself  ------------------------------>

My web browser is full to bursting of bookmarks that I have saved of ideas, but I cant take this with me if I switch computers.  Pinterest is now the perfect place for me to save all my ideas together in one place.  Even better I get to actually see what was on each page not just the link.  These are just some of the images I have pinned so far...

If anyone would like an invite leave a comment and I can add you to the list, I only have 6 spaces so first come first served!

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