Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Very Short(ish) Post

I have realised lately I have been writing really long posts so today is a short one, ish.  I just wanted to blog about a technique I found to print your very own designs on t-shirts.  For a while now I have wanted to print my own t-shirts; I had some made for me by a shop in town which were ok for a one off, but far too expensive to make lots.  I also looked into screen printing but again it is quite costly and time consuming especially if you only want to make 1 of each design.  I experimented with masking tape and paper even plastic and making my own screen from a pair of old tights and some glue, but these all failed - badly and left blotchy shapes with uneven edges.  That is until now...

This amazing scarf was made with the technique of cutting a design out of Freezer Paper.  The paper is very special as it is slightly waxed on one side, so when placed over fabric and ironed, it melts the wax and creates a perfect template to paint over.  All you need to do once the paint is dry is peel it off, Amazing!!!

I can't wait to have a go myself, find this tutorial at How About Orange and see some of the other designs below found around the blogasphere....

Leaves T-Shirt by Make It and Love It

Robot T-shirt by Delia Creates