Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Fabric Flower Head Band Tutorial

Since starting my blog I have bookmarked a ridiculous number of websites for recipes, crafts, tutorials and ideas.  Some of my favourite ideas are for flower accessories I posted some of the designs I like the best last year.  When my mum handed me a voile scarf she was given for Christmas and said would never use I had the perfect idea for a quick craft and completed it in an hour.  I liked it so much I had to wear it to work today and my friends all really liked it. 

So here is my very quick tutorial so you can all make your own...

1: Start by gathering everything you need:
(I have seen this done with Voile or Satin but you can experiment)
Candle & Lighter
Needle & Thread
Head Band

2: Cut out rough circles in different sizes from the fabric.  You can do this by eye for a a more rugged look or use a template. The petals will shrink a bit so take this into consideration and don't make the circles too small.

3: Light the candle and very carefully hold the fabric near the flame so it just melts the very edge.  This will stop it fraying and curl the edges up to make the petal.

Be very careful with this step otherwise you may set the fabric alight and end up with a big hole, I have wasted quite a few pieces this way!!

4: Once you have sealed all of the edges of the fabric sew the pieces tightly together through the middle.

5: Add a button or beads to the centre of the flower, this will bunch the fabric a little.

6: Sew the flower on to a head band.  I have attached this flower to a large elastic head band, but you could use a hair band, ribbon or a hair clip.

If you want to link to this tutorial or try it yourself don't forget to comment and let me know how you get on!!