Monday, 28 February 2011

My Goodies

Before taking pictures of all my purchases I wanted to jazz up my photographs a little.  I think taking pictures on a plain background is perfect to show off detail and really make the item stand out, a busy background will just detract from the item and can quite commonly make the shot look very amateurish.  I'm not selling what I make (just yet) and I really want to develop my own style before I do so I stand out from the rest.  In the future I want to try and make my photographs into art pieces, so they wouldn't look out of place on the wall.  My first idea was to use a different background so I took a trip to Homebase to pick up some wallpaper samples to use as back drops, I know this is a bit naughty but my Dad is redecorating the living room so was getting samples for himself, I'm just going to use them when he is finished.  I picked up some gorgeous glass stones which I could use as decorations and on the way out I also spotted some chunky purple stemmed wine glasses at half price £1.49, I really couldn't resist; I bought four for my new house which I don't own yet.

I next had a mammoth tidying session to set up my little studio on the desk and set about snapping all my purchases from the weekend.  Here are my results...

Watch Face from Beadtime

Paper Punches from Crafty Devils Ltd

Beads and Findings from The Southampton Bead Shop

Patterned Paper by Laura Ashley from Every Crafts a Pound

I really enjoyed playing around with the different papers, they definitely add a bit of colour to the images.  Although I'm not happy with my photographs of the beads, daylight is needed to photograph these properly, I will have to try again at the weekend, I just hope its sunny! I'm looking forward to experimenting further and I cant wait to make some earrings with these beautiful beads.