Friday, 25 February 2011

A Little Unproductive

I have had a very unproductive week over the last few days but I'm raring to go for the weekend.  Firstly my lovely friend Sara from Doodle Dandy and I purchased a huge roll of freezer paper which we carefully divided in half at work today.  I wish I had taken a photograph of it all rolled out across the office floor, we did get a few weird looks.  I took a pic after to remember the momentous occasion!!

I can't wait to start making my own designs; I even know what t-shirts I want to make because I had planned it all out last year, but never got anywhere with it.  I'm keeping that a secret though, I'll let you know how I get on.

Also I am going to Make It which is a huge craft fair for the South of England at Farnborough Airport.  I've not been to a craft fair in years so I'm very excited but will have to restrain myself.  I have to think practically and not just buy for the sake of buying (although I may treat myself, just a little bit!!).