Thursday, 10 February 2011

Valentine's Weekend

I'm really excited about this weekend, not only am I going up to Loughborough to see Graeme yay!! I'm also going to see The Haunting at Windsor Theatre with my parents and it's Valentine's day on Monday.  For once my social life is jam packed and I'm thrilled, I've had a few very quiet weeks so it's great to get out and about.

I am for once quite prepared for the weekend and finished off Graeme's presents today, I would love to show you but they are wrapped up already.  I know its not especially Valentines paper but Pink isn't really my thing.  I'll let you have a sneak peek after the weekend!!

I already know Graeme's present for me he has got us tickets to see The Blanks.  They are the awesome A Capella group in Scrubs fronted by Ted.  I didn't even know they were a real group so I can't wait , I have been You Tubing them all week but will be great to see them live.  This is one of my favourites, love Scott Mills; this is my first link to a video...

I'm also dead excited to go to the theatre; Mum and I said we really should go more so a few weeks ago we went to see Hairspray at Woking Theatre and in a couple weeks time we are seeing Avenue Q also at Woking.  I've seen it before in London with Graeme, it was actually on one of our very first dates, and it was absolutely hysterical so can't wait to go again.

I have not been to Windsor theatre in years,  I have also never seen a Charles Dickens stage show before or know anything about the story.  It's not a musical I know that otherwise my Dad would not be coming and I think it will be a horror because it's called The Haunting but apart from that we will have to wait and see.