Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentine's Weekend Continued...

What a weekend, it was absolutely awesome!! Of course the biggest treat was seeing Graeme as it has been quite a few weeks since I saw him last; when he returned to Uni I had stinking tonsillitis so didn't say goodbye properly.  But this weekend I was treated royally, where to start...

So firstly I saw The Haunting at Windsor Theatre with my parents.  After reading the program properly I realised it wasn't actually written by Charles Dickens just based on many of his short stories and parts of his life.  Even so it was very good; there were only 3 actors in the whole play which I thought would get very monotonous but not at all. The special effects were really good, there were books flying from the walls, ghosts appearing out of no where, the woman in front of me was jumping so much it made me giggle.  It may not be to everyones taste but I enjoyed it quite a bit, and would definitely go and see another like it.

I then drove up to see Graeme, which was good in a way because there was no traffic at 10.30 on a Friday, but I decided to go up on the M1 and forgot they are doing roadworks, so was stuck at 50mph for most of the journey, ahhhhh!!!  I came back on the M40 much quicker!!  When I did arrive I was greeted by a lovely bunch of flowers in a very pretty white vase (as Graeme didn't have a vase in the house, well they are all boys I suppose).  

He couldn't wait to open his presents and as it was a Valentine's weekend (because I was going home on Monday) I let him open them straight away.

I drew him a Lego Star Wars picture of Darth Vader and some Storm Troopers from a tutorial I found, I also cunningly added some hearts because it is Valentine's after all.  The hearts and words are painted with acrylic paint, the rest I coloured in with alcohol markers; I used acetone to smudge the colours together which was very effective.  I have only tried this method once before but it worked really well, so I may have to make some more artwork using this method, I will also need to purchase some more pens as I only have 3 shades of grey.  I also need a thinner black marker pen for the edges, I kept smudging the felt tip I used accidently.

I also bought him some Star Wars Lego to start building his very own chess set I posted about last year, and a little Lego truck set because I couldn't resist and went a bit mad for Lego!!

Graeme bought us tickets for The Blanks who were so awesome!! They were really fun and it was great to hear live all the songs they sing in Scrubs.  They even sung the song I posted about last week, so amazning!!  Our last Valentine's treat was to see Tangled 3D at the cinema, which I loved!! I think it really will become a Disney classic it was a good story and really funny in parts, with a bit of innuendo thrown in for the adults.  I would definitely recommend it to any Disneyholic like me!!

My favorite character is Pascal the Chameleon, he is a very cheeky chappy!!

Greame's was Maximus the Horse, who was part dog and completely awesome at sword fighting!! Also love the fact the tavern is called The Snuggly Duckling!!!

So that concludes my weekend now back to reality for a bit!! I have a few new craft projects lined up and a few old ones that I still haven't completed.  Watch this space I'll post very soon...