Sunday, 6 March 2011

Buzzy Bee T-shirt

My friend Gemma and I decided to have a crafty weekend so I took my freezer paper and supplies to hers along with a Chinese and a nice bottle of white.  It took us a while to come up with an idea but we soon found a very cute picture of a cartoon bee on the internet so drew it onto the freezer paper and got down to crafting.

Because the design was in three colours we started with the lightest.  We carefully cut out the design and ironed it onto the t-shirt to paint on the first colour yellow.

It took quite a while for the paint to dry so we sped it up with a hair dryer on low heat.  Then we cut out the stripes and and face to iron over the top of the yellow paint and painted on the red cheeks and black outline.

We had to put a couple of layers of black over the yellow to cover it completely but then had to leave it for a couple of hours to dry.  The result was amazing, much better than I had expected isn't she so cute!!  

Now that I know this works with several colours I can't wait to think up some more ideas.  Thank you Gem for a wonderful evening, can't wait to have more crafty nights with you!!

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