Monday, 7 March 2011

Birch Hill and Hanworth Community Website

Apart from all my crafty endeavors I am currently work on some graphic design projects for my local community.  After Uni and before my current job I payed my way designing anything from ceiling tiles, to murals, logos, presentations and websites (I will have to hunt out some photos).  I love this kind of work and so I don't forget my skills and to keep my portfolio up to date I am currently in the process of designing a community website for Birch Hill and Hanworth.  The site is the idea of our local PCSO (Police Community Support Officer), it is intended for the local community to share news, events and information of business' in the area. There will also be a monthly newsletter to go with it.  I am currently in the process of finalising designs but I wanted to share a sneak peak of the site and logo.

I am not a web designer, that is where my brother Chris comes in.  He is at present finishing his final year at University to become a fully fledged web designer.  He is developing this site as a bit of a favor to me, so thank you Chris!

Anyway I will update you shortly on developments, hopefully it will be up and running in a couple of months time.  Oh and if you or your friends have an event happening or a business to promote in the area, then you can upload up to 140 characters for free!! Drop me an email and I will make sure to include them when the website is released.

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