Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Party Time in München Day 2

After catching up on some much needed sleep we decided to visit Scott's local Brauhaus for a late lunch and met up with Scott's brother and his girlfriend for the afternoon.  I was absolutely craving salad after eating just meat and pastry the day before and was not disappointed, Erik and I ordered Leberkäse (which is a bit like glazed and cooked Spam but much nicer) topped off with a fried egg and best of all a mixed salad yum!! Scott ordered Weisswurst (veal sausages) which looked a bit funny as they are white but tasted quite nice, I'm not sure how much I agree with veal though??

In the afternoon we went back into Munich and caught the very end of the Rathaus-Glockenspeil playing, I did try to film the end but I forgot how heavy the camera is with the big lens on and my arms were killing me.

We also visited the Catherdral Frauenkirche so the boys could pray for a good result on the football, It seemed to work for Erik but Scott's wishes were reversed and his team (Newcastle) lost 4-0; who's been a bad boy?

We walked around the city a little before visiting the Hostel that Scott stayed in before moving into his flat.  Completely by coincidence I bumped into one of my Uni friends who was staying at the Hostel for his friends stag do, and then cleverly forgot his name (I had already started drinking) but that's no excuse sorry Jono, it was good to see you!!

After leaving Scott's brother we headed to another Brauhaus for dinner, the first we visted looked amazing from the outside but was far too busy.  The second called Augustiner Bräustuben was brilliant and had fantastic food which was much more appealling than the night before (because it included salad yay!!).  Scott went for Schweinshaxe mit Knödel (pork joint and glooey potatoes) and Erik and I had Schnitzel mit Pommes frites (pork fried in egg and breadcrumbs with chips).

We also had quite a few Pretzels; well they shouldn't have left a bowl of them on the table!!

As it was the start of Starkbierfest they had some very strong beers on offer the boys choose Maximator which was 7.5% and lethal.  I don't know how they managed to drink two maß's each of the stuff.  I started on lager but the next table were drinking a schnapps drink called Flotter Willi so I decided to try it.  It is half a pear soaked in schnapps, I'm not sure how many I had in the end but they were so nice!!

We finished the evening off with a dance; but the first club we came to was playing very funny music, cross between pan pipes and dance music, there was even a bongo player in the corner.  The best bit though was everyone seemed to be dancing like an idiot.  I'm not sure if they were being serious but we definitely weren't!!

While I had my camera out all the Germans wanted to have their photo taken with us for some reason; maybe they thought we were famous? and this one of Erik has to be the funniest.  As I say we could't help but joke around it was such a ridiculous club but it was great fun.

And check it out, I wore the R,P,S,L,S t-shirt that I made yay!!  All in all it was an awesome night and great fun just to let loose for a while.