Monday, 14 March 2011

Technology Failure

I apologise for the lack of posts recently but my camera has taken a turn for the worse, it somehow seems to be dying after about 20 photos!!  I know it's not the batteries as I bought brand new ones at the weekend (which were pretty pricey at £7 for 4 Lithium AA batteries!!) and in less than 48 hours the camera wouldn't turn on anymore.  Now I checked the batteries and they still had plenty of energy to power a torch so I can only deduce that the problem is with the voltage.  It's so upsetting, I remember the time this camera would last for 3 months on one set of batteries, now it's less than 3 days.  Oh well, I suppose I shall have to send it away to be examined by the professionals and in the meantime I will have to borrow my dad's.  Which isn't all that bad as he has just got a brand new one, which also has video yay!!

I am looking forward to taking lots of pics and maybe some video too on my trip to Germany this weekend to see my good friend Scott in Munich.  I can't wait to see him, the last time was over the Christmas holidays.  I've been told the Starkbierfest beer festival is on at while I'm out there, which will be great fun.  I'm not sure if I like strong beer but I will try anything once!!

I hope there are crazy ladies like this serving me beer, how is she holding four in each hand??