Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Trip to München Day 1

A couple weeks ago I quite impulsively decided to book a trip to see my friend Scott, who last year moved to Munich.  I was going to go later in the year but another friend of mine Erik was going so decided to tag along and I'm so glad I did!! One, I didn't have to fly on my own and Two, it's always fun with more people and we had a complete blast together.

After a sleepless night (my nerves got the better of me) we arrived very early at Heathrow Terminal 5.  A few hours later and a bumpy landing we arrived in Germany.  After breakfast at a bakery, they were some good pastries, we set off into the city and decided to do a bit of a Brauhaus (beer house) crawl whilst visiting a few sites along the way.  On the Train in I was in desperate need of a bathroom break, so we got off a few stops early only for me to make a complete fool of myself because I couldn't figure out which was the ladies toilet, so had run back outside the shop to ask Scott, Herren or Damen?? Why couldn't they just have pictures??

The beer houses were all so quaint and full of decorations, the beer was also very good!! Not being a massive fan of beer I stuck mostly to larger but the boys sampled quite a bit of the stronger stuff!!

The Town Hall right in the heart of Munich at the Marienplatz was very impressive especially the Rathaus-Glockenspeil which is a huge mechanical clock on the side of the building with figures dancing and knights jousting.  Unfortunately we were too late for the show and had missed the chimes.  I spotted the Cathedral Frauenkirche over the tops of the buildings but we decided to visit it another day and instead found another beer house instead.

We took a trip to the local market and I was in heaven, I had only brought a tiny suitcase so restrained myself and didn't buy anything, that didn't stop me taking pictures though.  There were so many hand made craft stalls covered in decorative hangings, wreaths and cute Easter presents, they were all so gorgeous!! (Click on any of the pics to see it larger!!)

We also bumped into a very charismatic figure; now we know where Santa goes on Holiday!! Don't you just love his leg warmers!!

After sampling a couple more brewery's we headed to the Hofbräuhaus for dinner and to get our first Maß.  I will admit it I whimped out a bit and got a Ratler (a shandy), we had already had quite a bit to drink and been up since 3.30am!!  The glass's were so heavy when they were full, but like the image I found in my previous post the waiters did carry up to five full glasses in each hand, they must have arms of steel; the boys managed to lift three but I could only lift one.  

The atmosphere was absolutely buzzing, and we had a good laugh over dinner, although I can't say I was overly impressed by the food, the boys had Wurst mit Sauerkraut (a sausage platter with stewed cabbage) and I had Schweinsbraten mit Knödel (crispy pork with potato dumplings).  Now the texture of the dumplings is unlike anything I have ever tasted before, as Erik put it "They taste like glue!!".

Read more of our adventures soon!!

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