Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Segwey Day

For Christmas my friend Sarah-Jane bought me and Graeme an adventure session on a Segway!! So totally awesome!!

Unfortunately Graeme had far too much uni work so I took my dad instead, we had great fun.  It's very hard to describe how you use it, any tiny movement can send you whizzing around in circles but I soon got used to it.  Dad said it was very similar to skiing as you use your legs to turn corners, it is very unnerving though that the only way to stop is by leaning backwards.  We got the hang of it very quickly and set off around Dinton Pastures, our instructor said we had to stick to the path but there were so many off road trails I really wanted to be let loose.  We both said after the session that we would have to find an off road session to go that let us go faster than 6mph!!

We didn't get to many opportunities to take photos but here I am just about to jump on.

We took a couple of videos too but unfortunately Dad firstly left it on an indoor session so the images are funny colours and then forgot which way to hold the camera (tut tut!!) so mine is in portrait you might want to maximise it to see it better.

Oh well I suppose we will just have to have another go so we can take some better video.

Thank you Sarah!!