Sunday, 27 March 2011

Relaxing in München Day 3

We had a bit of a slow start on Sunday after our night of partying.  While the boys went to buy pastries for breakfast I stayed behind to have a shower in Scott's ridiculous bath tub.  The bath is placed under the slope of the roof (as it is a top floor flat) and so you can't really stand up, after trying to crouch for a while I gave up and showered sitting down, I felt much better for it too!!

We decided to take a trip to the the Englischer Garten which is a huge park that stretches from the centre of Munich out past Garching (where Scott lives).  It also contains a few Brauhaus' with beer gardens so we could sit outside in the sun.  On our way to the park I spotted a huge tan coloured animal and at first glance it really did look like a Lion, it even had a shaggy mane.  Although on closer inspection with the big lens on my camera it was just a big dog, shame, it would have been more exciting as a lion.

Our first drink was at the Aumeister Biergarten, the boys had given themselves the challenge to drink 3 maß's but decided to stay away from Maximator and drink HB instead.  Even thought the skies were clear it was very chilly so to warm up we took a walk through the park. 

Although all too soon we were all in desperate need for a bathroom break (this had become an all too familiar occurrence) and we had to rush into the city to find a toilet.  We also took in a few sites below is the Theatine Church, Feldherrnhalle and the golden frontage of Munich's National Theatre.

There wasn't too much happening on a Sunday afternoon and although I kept getting distracted by sparkly window displays none of the shops were open (I think the boys were quite glad for this!!)

So we decided to warm up with another drink and a glorious ApfelStrudel.  It was heaven!! It tasted so yummy with a vanilla custard and strawberries, I'm going to have to learn how to make it!!

Before heading home we stopped off at a bar for the boys last mas of the day, I was so fed up of lager by this time and when looking at the menu saw a cocktail called Grog; I just had to try it.  Although I was very confused when the waiter brought out a glass of boiling water, a double shot of dark rum, crystallised sugar and amaretto biscuits.  We had to ask the waiter what to do but essentially you chuck it all in together (the biscuits are for dunking) and it was gorgeous, it really warmed me up after a cold day walking around the city.  I would never have thought to put rum with hot water but I will definitely be making this when I get home!!

One thing we didn't realise when we walked into this bar was that although there were a couple of female waitress' there were hardly any other women.  We really should have suspected something when our flowery waiter kept patting Scott on the shoulder and dancing across the room, a German man was also very interested in Erik's voice.  Yes, you're right, we had mistakenly walked into a gay bar!!

After a quick exit we got a lovely greasy Donner Kebab wrap on the way home, we were all shattered after a very full and busy weekend.  Even so we had an amazing time; thanks for a fantastic time boys I had the best weekend and can't wait to go back again in the Summer!!